Transplant Québec

Transplant Quebec 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

Mandate and context

In Quebec, the rate of organ donation remains too low to meet the demand and the processes are complex and far from optimal. The NPO Transplant Québec wants to take steps to remedy thesituation while raising awareness of organ donation among the population and medical personnel.

Implementation and solutions

Volume10 conducted over 50 interviews in the healthcare ecosystem, as well as focus groups with government and the public, to inform its drafting of a strategic plan structured along 5 main lines.

Impact and outcomes

The strategic plan created by Volume10 was used to better target the priority actions to be undertaken by the Transplant Québec team over the next five years. It also allowed to identify the aspects of the legislative framework that hinder its development. Promotional efforts have been launched with the public and the medical profession.

Transplant Quebec 2023-2027 Strategic Plan by Volume10