The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM)

Study on the Metamorphosis of the City Center Following the Pandemic

Mandate and context

During the health crisis, remote work has led to a significant decrease in the occupancy rate of Montreal office buildings and therefore, in commercial and tourist traffic. The CCMM wants to better understand the metamorphosis of downtown Montreal caused by the pandemic in order to propose solutions to revitalize it.

Implementation and solutions

Volume10 conducted an in-depth analysis of the evolution of commercial real estate in Montreal (before and after the pandemic) and then issued several recommendations for businesses, tenants and owners of downtown offices. Technological solutions were also put in place to support businesses that manage workplaces in this area.

Impact and outcomes

Volume10's analysis was used to create a toolkit to help companies manage and optimize their staff space. Initiatives have been launched to enhance the commercial real estate offering in downtown Montreal and increase occupancy rates. Synergies have been formed between companies of complementary sizes, functions and sectors.

Study on the Metamorphosis of the City Center Following the Pandemic, by Volume10