Jewish General Hospital

Propelling a Connected Care project

Mandate and context

In a context of an aging population, a shortage of manpower and an increase in chronic diseases, Quebec is lagging behind in the integration of technologies in the health sector. By taking advantage of the digital advances accelerated by the pandemic, the Montreal General Hospital wants to define a connected care project.

Implementation and solutions

After extensive review of numerous academic, technology and business sources, Volume10 designed and presented a connected health project to the Jewish General Hospital focused on screening, pharmaceutical data, imaging and medical records. The firm also engaged potential partners and erected a deployment plan.

Impact and outcomes

The Connected Care project imagined by Volume10 for the Montreal Jewish General Hospital had a great impact with the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Since then, two of the plan's projects have been launched: the OROT connected health innovation hub, and the "single medical record" project, an initiative to aggregate data on each patient in a secure sharing platform.

Propelling a Connected Care project by Volume10