CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

Artificial intelligence implementation roadmap

Mandate and context

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are generating growing excitement, particularly since the public adoption of generative AI, such as ChatGPT. In healthcare, AI offers promising prospects that promise to revolutionize care. As a result, hospitals such as CIUSSS Centre-Ouest are faced with the need to develop a coherent strategy for effectively integrating these technologies. Currently, a number of scattered initiatives are underway at CIUSSS Centre-Ouest, but there is a lack of a clear, overarching vision to guide them.

Implementation and solutions

Internal assessment : Meetings with management and relevant employees to assess workforce readiness, shared understanding of AI and its potential in the healthcare system, and current AI and innovation projects. Exploration of the external environment : Interviews with around 40 specialists and key players in the ecosystem, both here and internationally, as well as a watch on healthcare AI projects around the world to explore potential solutions and partnerships, best practices, etc. Strategy and roadmap : Development of guidelines and a decision-making framework for potential projects and partnerships, as well as a short-, medium- and long-term roadmap for AI initiatives and projects.

Impact and outcomes

The deliverable includes an assessment of organizational AI maturity and current projects, a study of best practices around the world, a prioritization of projects according to the needs of the institution and a decision-making framework, a roadmap for implementing AI projects and recommendations for governance and internal organization. The result is a clear tool for AI decision-making at CIUSSS.