The future of quantum computing in health

Mandate and context

As the computational capacity of conventional computers approaches its limit, more and more industries are preparing for the quantum revolution. Although still very immature, this technology promises to be extremely disruptive, particularly in healthcare. Thanks to their ability to simulate natural phenomena, quantum computers could, for instance, completely revolutionize the discovery of new treatments and medicines.

Implementation and solutions

Volume10 carried out a study on the potential impact of quantum technologies on tomorrow's medicine for a client in the healthcare sector. The fundamental concepts of physics were explained (qubits, superposition, entanglement) and the main healthcare applications were analyzed and presented: enhancing the performance of X-rays, mass data processing for diagnosis, in silico clinical trials, etc. The aim of the study is to position the customer in quantum technology and advise on the next steps to be taken.

Impact and outcomes

The impact and implications of this mandate cannot be disclosed due to the confidential nature of the client.