Wine Council of Quebec

Quebec Wine Growth Potential

Mandate and context

While Quebec vineyards currently account for 1% of the wine sales in the province, the industry, which enjoys strong demand, is a sector with very high growth and economic potential. With this in mind, Volume10 has been commissioned to conduct a comparative study of the wine industry across Canada, particularly in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Implementation and solutions

Through a series of interviews with experts from across Canada, as well as a detailed analysis of the sector, Volume10 was able to break down the land-to-glass process into 3 main stages, supported by a specific regulatory and business framework, and target the main issues slowing the industry's growth through these stages. A roadmap was drawn up to address these issues and target those responsible for the key activities that would enable Quebec wines to flourish.

Impact and outcomes

Through the roadmap of priority actions for industry growth, Volume10 recommends 7 initiatives, including a quantified comparison of the industry's organic growth vs. the growth propelled by the suggested interventions. Volume0 also proposes 3 embryonic projects that would enable growth that is both sustainable and efficient.